I'm The Trust Whisperer but you can call me Lisa. If you're curious about how all this woo-woo stuff works in a practical, real, down-to-earth way, come spend some time in my world.

I'm a Spirit Guide Channel, intuitive business mentor and I happen to have a
wee purple rockstar (now Ascended Master) in my back pocket. And I'm the Trust Whisperer because I have unwavering trust in what comes through me as a channel and intuitive. Always have. I know what I know, you know? 

My clients come for intuitive readings and business coaching but I've learned they really come to me to learn that level of trust in their own inner knowing. I help you remember that you know. You always have. It really can be that simple.

To help you bathe in the same warm trust water as I do, I've created a simple guide called "Pathway to Unwavering Trust". You'll get this spiffy little creation when you enter my community of playfully powerful people! 

So, join me on this adventure. You'll learn a bunch, laugh a lot and hopefully, leave trusting yourself much more. 


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